JUST FOR FUN Can you match the phrase with the National Park? OPAL POOL The Narrows

Crown of the Continent

Thunder Creek Trail

Cottonwood Campground

Half Dome

Hoh Rain Forest Balanced Rock

Happily Lost Campsite


Teewinot Mountain

Tall Trees Grove

ANGELS LANDING Sanctuary River

The First National Park



Our Vision - Outdoors For Everyone.


Our Mission - To bring the therapeutic, inspirational, and educational benefits of the outdoors to those lacking the ability or opportunity to experience it for themselves.


Our Goal - To offer our traveling Outdoors for Everyone Project Programs without cost to applicable entities, enabling them to provide the therapeutic, inspirational, and educational benefits of the outdoors, showcased primarily through the grandeur and beauty of America's National Parks, to those they serve.


About - The Outdoors for Everyone Project is simple. We bring the big awesomeness of the outdoors and our National Parks to those who can't experience it for themselves. The end result can be improved mood, reduced stress, mental and physical healing, along with exhilaration and renewed hope and more. It’s all about enriching the lives of the Program attendees. We provide a moment of peace to the afflicted, lift the spirits of the elderly,  bless and encourage the disabled, and well . . .  you get the idea. The Outdoors for Everyone Project is also about enlightening, inspiring, and raising up a new generation of explorers, adventurers, and lovers of the outdoors and the National Parks. There are valuable benefits to be derived from  engagement with the outdoors.


The National Park Service is inviting everyone to Find Your Park. The movement encourages people to learn, discover, be inspired, or simply have fun in National Parks. We like to think of our movement as complementary, but instead of people finding their park . . .  the park finds them. We service those who cannot otherwise attend a National Park for themselves. For those who can’t get there, we bring the beauty and grandeur of the outdoors to them. For those who may get there someday, we are their introduction to a world of  wonder and adventure.


We accomplish this by combining the art of immersive photography and storytelling in our Outdoors for Everyone Project Programs. The two components of a Program are an exhibit of large, free standing, "as if you were there" (amazing, if we say so ourselves) photos, combined with a big awesome slide-show presentation featuring informative, exciting, humorous, and mostly truthful storytelling.


So if you’ve ever felt what it’s like to sit amongst an endless valley of springtime flowers, or to lounge by a tranquil mountain stream, or view the setting sun as it slowly dips behind towering granite spires, or ingest a million other wondrous experiences that take place daily outdoors and within our National Parks . . . consider yourself fortunate.


Now consider those who are not, and may never be, so fortunate. It’s only with your support that we can brighten the day of a child battling cancer, put a smile on seniors' faces as they struggle with end-of-life issues, or inspire an inner city kid to wonder and dream beyond their immediate surroundings. Help us bring the beauty and grandeur of the outdoors and our National Parks, along with their therapeutic, inspirational, and educational benefits, to those not fortunate enough to experience it for themselves.



Photo - Yellowstone National Park, Lower Yellowstone Falls


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