David Mills, Founder

David Mills is an adventurer entrepreneur.


He's been involved in real estate for over 25 years and for the entirety of that professional career he has advanced against the flow of the traditional real estate industry. For 18 years he was a licensed appraiser and builder.


Prior to entering real estate Mr. Mills had been in Management, Director of Corporate Service, Director of Marketing, among other positions.


David founded the Outdoors for Everyone Project to bring the beauty and grandeur of the outdoors, and the benefits of exposure to such, to those that for one reason or another can't experience it for themselves.


He enjoys breathtaking views from mountain vistas.


Married with three children and this thing that's either a dog or a llama, we're not quite sure.



While he was raised in suburban Detroit, and still calls it home, David has always felt the call of the wild places yet unexplored.  Early Adventures.He spent most summers of his youth camping with his parents throughout the western United States. By the time he was thirteen he had visited every National Park west of the Mississippi. When not in the untamed part of the country he turned his parent’s suburban backyard into his own private menagerie. He started  A  Boy And His Raccoon.with two rabbits and soon had 52. Oops, how did that happen? The person at the pet store said they were both female! After that, his collection of pets increased rapidly and included both domestic and non-domestic critters that were rescued from certain demise. His unintended and “not quite to code” city zoo kept him busy while at the same time occasionally irking a neighbor or two. But a rooster crow at 5:30 in the morning could usually be smoothed over with a dozen eggs delivered to the awakened neighbor.


College eventually ensued (chickens were not allowed in the dorms), then marriage, then career.


David has been married to his wife and hiking partner, Linda, for over 30 years. They have three wonderful children who are carving out amazing lives of their own.


 Married In The Barn.

 The Mills Family, 2005.Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan.

For the past 24 years David has been the Broker/Owner of two separate ground-breaking non-traditional real estate brokerages. He’s assisted real estate clients from all across the United States and around the world. He's been awarded a plethora of real estate related designations and awards. At one point his professional signature looked like the following - David Mills, Licensed Broker, Appraiser, Builder, EBA, ABR, GRI, CLHS, MRA, RAA, IFA. He has hosted the popular weekly call-in radio program "The Smartest Way To Buy A Home Show". He was the first Exclusive Buyer Broker in Michigan and one of the first in the United States. He is quoted frequently by the media as an expert regarding Buyer Agency and non-traditional real estate opinions.

 Broker / Appraiser / Builder

He is the Broker/Owner of The Buyers Real Estate Company; a niche real estate firm specializing in exclusively assisting Homebuyers.


He is the Broker/Owner of Luxury Home Realty, llc; a boutique real estate brokerage within the luxury home space. David is a founding member of the Institute For Luxury Home Marketing.


For over 18 years David was a licensed Appraiser owning his own appraisal firm and being awarded the "Master Residential Appraiser" designation, among others. Doing Radio.


He spent over 18 years as a licensed Builder, building and rehabbing homes for investment and rental purposes.


He's been a member of the City Council where he resides, plus the Zoning Board of Appeals, and a stint as Parks and Recreation Board Chairperson. He's also donated his time to various charitable organizations, men’s league sports programs, coaching little league, and more.


His hobbies include backpacking, playing guitar and harmonica, and cartooning.


 Playing The Blues.

His interest in photography began after an epic family adventure in 2010. Unprepared to capture the event for posterity through photography, he vowed to never let that happen again.


Mostly self-taught, his greatest teachers have been those famous two professors, Professor Trial and Professor Error . . . and also YouTube.


Other influences –


Aperture Academy (Stephen Oachs and Phillip Nicholas). David attended their Megapixel to Gigapixel workshop in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Aperture


Gerlach Nature Photography (John and Barbara Gerlach). David attended their “How to Shoot Beautiful Outdoor Photographs” workshop.  In The Backcountry.


John Freeman (Abba’s Creations Photography). David has utilized Mr. Freeman’s personal coaching and consulting services. Abba'


Trey Ratcliff.


Serge Ramelli.


Due to focusing solely on the Outdoors for Everyone Project, David has intentionally limited his personal photographic discipline to learning and perfecting the art of gigapixel panoramic photography.


Read more about Mr. Mills and the founding of the Outdoors for Everyone Project here.



Aperture Academy's Megapixel to Gigapixel workshop. Park Avenue, Arches National Park. Mr. Mills lower-right.

Photo courtesy Luc Moyen.




David and Linda Mills having completed a 5 day backpack across the Grand Canyon, Rim to Rim.



David and Linda Mills 5 day backcountry backpack Gunsight Pass, Glacier National Park.



David Mills and friend, Arches National Park.







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