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We understand here at the Outdoors for Everyone Project that we can’t take all the photos we’d like for our traveling Outdoors for Everyone Project Programs. Consequently, early on we decided to tap into the pool of all the fantastic photographers that are out in the wilds practicing their craft.




When your photo is utilized by the Outdoors for Everyone Project you will receive recognition for its use. This recognition can be during the actual slide-show portion of the Program, on our website, on our Facebook page, in the printed material part of our Programs, in addition to other marketing, advertising, and promotions implemented by the Outdoors for Everyone Project. If providing a gigapixel, you may also put whatever website address or contact information you’d like in the lower right-hand corner of the photo.


You can also use the fact that you have one of your photos as part of the Outdoors for Everyone Project’s traveling programs as PR. From a PR standpoint you can do whatever you wish as far as promotion. This recognition as an Outdoors for Everyone Project “contributing photographer” can be beneficial to your business, give you that philanthropic look, and help in your personal branding as a photographer.


Bottom-line, it is a good thing to have your photo as a part of the traveling Outdoors for Everyone Project’s Programs.


We don't, mostly because we're not in financial position to, compensate directly monetarily, but we feel your contribution will be more than adequately compensated in the ways  mentioned above. However, you may donate your photo and take the applicable tax deduction. We are also open to other arrangements.




We get to keep our photo rotation fresh for our Programs. We increasingly find ourselves giving several Programs per city. We may have a Program at a library and then the Parks and Rec Department finds out about it and asks to host a Program, or the Senior home, or the middle school, or the VFW, and so on. So many times the attendees overlap and people attend the Program more than once. Yes ... it's that fun and entertaining! So, we like to keep the Programs as fresh as possible. Which means we are in need of a lot of photos


Having many photos also gives us the ability and flexibility to customize our Programs. For instance we don't use the same gigapixel or slideshow photos for our Program for an adult  special needs group as we do for a group of inner-city middle schoolers or a nursing home.



Gigapixel Photos - Without getting technical our criteria is rather simple. The goal is for huge tack sharp as-if-you-were-there photos. We require panoramic photos that can be printed at a minimum of 5 feet by 10 feet at 300 dpi. We also need tack sharp life-size wildlife photos.


Slide-Show Photos - Any compelling, high quality photo of the outdoors and wildlife are needed. Must be able to be used in a PowerPoint projected onto a screen at a minimum of 10 feet by 10 feet. Specific actual photo proportional dimensions are not a criteria for slide-show photos as long as they meet the aforementioned criteria.


Simply provide us with the photo file and we take care of the rest. For gigapixel photos we'll print and mount to our specifications and incur all costs . A gigapixel photo file should be in psb. Slide-show photo file should be in tiff or jpg.


We're more than happy to discuss any aspect of our "Contributing Photographer" program.


From time to time we put out a request for a specific photo.


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