Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Who can host a Program?

Answer: Any qualifying entity can host a Program. A “qualifying entity” is simply an organization, group, or any other such entity that aligns with the mission of the Outdoors for Everyone Project.


Question: What does a Program cost?

Answer: Thanks to our big awesome individual donors and our big awesome sponsors there is no cost to host a Program.


Question: How long does a Program last?

Answer: Depending on the Program, a Program can last anywhere from about an hour to around 2 hours with breaks. We're flexible.


Question: Where are the Programs held?

Answer: The Programs are primarily held at hospitals, schools, senior centers, libraries, and in, gymnasiums, conference and meeting rooms, and the like.


Question: Are there physical limitations to where a Program can be held?

Answer: In general all we need is electricity and appropriate space. However, room size and configuration could limit the ability for an effective Program. These aspects will be discussed during our preliminary consultation.


Question: How do we schedule a Program?

Answer: You can pre-register here.


Other questions can be addressed by using our Contact Form or emailing us at

Outdoors for Everyone Project Programs are available to qualifying entities, such as schools, hospitals, senior homes, for the purpose of enriching the lives of those they serve. The Programs bring the beauty and grandeur of America's National Parks and the outdoors, along with their therapeutic, inspirational, and educational properties to your location.


The Programs consist of two primary components -


Big Awesome Photos. These large, immersive, free-standing, tack-sharp images are the cornerstone of the Program. The sheer size and detail of the photos award the viewer with a sense of being there. Those viewing the photos become lost and absorbed in them. The photos are displayed for viewing at your location before, during, and after the accompanying Photo Slide Presentation.


Photo Slide Presentation. Our Photo Slide Presentation is similar to a Park Ranger-led talk, supplemented with awesome photography. Topics include history and facts about the National Parks, where to go and what to see and do in the National Parks, the interesting adventures behind the taking of the photos, wildlife, backpacking, photography, and more. All told from an inspiring, exciting, adventurous, engaging, and often humorous perspective. The topics and focus of the Programs vary depending on the audience. Questions are encouraged.


Some of the Program titles are -


Outdoors for Everyone Project: The Iconic Beauty Of The National Parks - The focus is on the National Parks iconic and more well known scenery, landmarks, and attractions.


Outdoors for Everyone Project: Life Is An Adventure - This Program is primarily geared toward school age children and focuses on the incredible adventures waiting within the National Parks and the outdoors.


Outdoors for Everyone Project: The Backcountry  - The focus is on some of the least photographed and more remote locations throughout the National Parks.


Outdoors for Everyone Project: Glacier National Park, Crown Of The Continent - The focus is on the beauty and grandeur of Glacier National Park.

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