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After having developed the Outdoors for Everyone Project into a conceptual idea we began to contact potential Presenting Partners. A Presenting Partner is a hospital, school, senior center, library, or basically anyone that might have an interest in hosting an Outdoors for Everyone Program. The response was very encouraging. Every reaction was similar to “You are providing this Program with all its benefits to those we serve - free of charge? That’s a no-brainer. Of course we’re interested.” It did not take us long to see the validity of, and desire for our traveling Programs.


Since then we’ve begun to examine what the Project could become. It is never a bad thing to have lofty ideas. Here are some of ours:


• We desire to provide the Outdoors for Everyone Programs to anyone who would benefit from them. We would like to service thousands annually. We see this being accomplished through several traveling Programs crisscrossing the United States.


• We envision our big-awesome photo displays becoming more and more elaborate, with the goal of always  providing the attendee with a sense of “being there.” For the viewing pleasure of our attendees we would replicate various locations throughout the National Parks. For this we would use appropriate props and various “real objects” integrated into and augmenting the canvas. For example, this approach would allow an attendee to approach our big-awesome photo of Grand Canyon National Park and actually experience the surroundings in a 3D experience.


• We envision adding to our stunning landscape panoramas, wildlife photos. Imagine the thrill of inner city school children experiencing a life-size tack sharp photo of a majestic bull moose, grizzly, or wolf. Also imagine the educational opportunities this would provide.


• We envision taking Programs to our armed forces. We will display our as-if -you-were-there photos to those in uniform reminding them, in part, why it is they serve; to help protect our freedom to camp, hike, and play in our National Parks from sea to shining sea.


These are but a few lofty goals set by the team at the Outdoors for Everyone Project. The direction we are heading can be summed up by the following; that it is our vision to continually increase viewer-ship and improve the Programs.


You, with your support, can help us get there.









The Outdoors for Everyone Project is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

For general information contact - info@o4e.org

General Media and Press Inquiries: Kindly send any related inquiries to: media@o4e.org. Please note this contact is only for press and media related queries.

If you wish to become a valued corporate, institutional, or foundation donor please contact: david@o4e.org

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